“Good Steward Farms” was established in 2010, with several goals in mind.

First, we wanted our children to grow up in the country and get connected with nature and the food we eat.

Second, we hoped to become more sustainable by growing a large garden, orchard and loads of perennials on the property.

Third, we wanted to bring livestock to our farm to provide food (clarification, we don’t eat the donkeys!  Just eggs and honey!) as well as opportunities for husbandry.

Actually, the first animals to join our farm were dairy goats.  We milked them and had a blast making buttermilk, yogurt and ice cream!  Later, we brought the miniature donkeys on board and we were hooked!



Miniature donkeys are so loving and gentle, they were a perfect choice for our family!  They require a good amount of attention, affection….and snacks!  Donkeys will nose around in your pockets to see if you brought them a carrot or slice of apple.  We’ve been followed all around as we do our chores due to their curiosity.  Don’t be surprised if you get “goosed” if you turn your back without petting them!

What else can miniature donkeys do besides be a great pet and companion?  For more information on that, read here.


I love chickens.  There, I said it.  After raising many breeds and struggling with my own poultry addiction, I have settled on raising Black Copper Marans, from the Wade Jeane line.  Why Marans??  Well, what got me hooked was the gorgeous chocolate color of their eggs!  More about our Black Copper Marans here.


Finally, let me introduce our chemical-free honey bees!  We raise honey bees for conservation purposes, but honey is cool too!  Much of the honey on the market today either isn’t real or is laced with lots of chemicals.  Not ours.  I can’t sell what I wouldn’t eat myself.  More about bees here.

So, that’s US.  If you are interested in a miniature donkey or other questions, email Kelly at goodstewardfarms@yahoo.com.